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On our farm we grow mainly wheat, oats, barley and canola. We use direct-seed system for planting and started that in 2008. That is good for the soil and it saves time, energy and money. We also co-operate with another farm. Our farm also includes some timberland.

In our stable we have ten llamas, which are kept for breeding. There is four male and six females in our llama herd. Number of newborns is variant every year. We sell those little llamas (crias) for pets. 

On January 2020 we imported llamas from Switzerland.

Twice a year Eero takes group of farmers from Scandinavia to see farming in U.S.A.

(WA, ID, OR). Those agricultural tours cover wide variation of different kind

of production. Tours also give you a good picture of lifestyle, landscape and



Eero has + 17 years experience from these tours.

Agricultural spring tour to U.S.A. starts in the middle of March and

fall tour starts in the middle of October.

Pia works outside of the farm in ProAgria. Her main work is in marketing unit and also she does technical advising for farms. Pia takes care of the llamas. We offer llama trekking this spring and summer 2021 for the first time.


Please e-mail or give us a call to get information in English. We are happy to serve you.


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Washington 2015 1735_edited
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